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2023 NFL Power Ranking: Preseason Predictions and Analysis

This article is based on the NFL Power Ranking for the football season 2023. As the 2023 NFL season approaches, fans and analysts alike are eagerly anticipating what promises to be another exciting year of football. With training camps in full swing and preseason games just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the latest NFL power rankings.

Here are the preseason NFL power rankings for the 2023 season. These rankings are based on a combination of factors, including team performance in previous seasons, off-season moves, and expert analysis.

1. Kansas City Chiefs NFL Power Ranking

Defensive lineman Chris Jones is out and his contract expires after this season. The Chiefs can’t afford to go without him but he reportedly wants $30 million per season. A compromise will likely have to be reached and the Chiefs’ defensive success depends on it.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

While it seems difficult for Jalen Hurts to be better than last season, the message from reporters is that Hurts is off to a great start at Eagles training camp. If there’s another level for Hurts this season, he’s going to win his first MVP.

3. Cincinnati Bengals NFL Power Ranking

It appears that Joe Burrow dodged a serious injury when he faced what the Bengals are calling a hamstring strain. The Bengals are hoping Burrow will return in time for the start of the season. We’ll assume Burrow will be back as a salami quarterback. If not, we know it’s really bad for the Bengals, who are one of the fantasy powerhouse teams.

4. Buffalo Bills NFL Power Ranking

The Bills won’t rule out Von Miller playing in Week 1 as he returns from an ACL injury. Miller may not be on the field for Week 1, but the fact that it’s being considered is a good sign for Buffalo and he may play join the Buffalo’s early in the season.

5. San Francisco 49ers

All good news out of 49ers camp for Brock Purdy and how he’s throwing after elbow surgery. That should eliminate any health concerns for Purdy. He’ll still have to avoid the sophomore slump, but if he’s 100 percent that’s a big plus.

6. Dallas Cowboys NFL Power Ranking

Whether it’s Ezekiel Elliott or someone else experienced, it seems inevitable that Dallas will add someone at running back. Mike McCarthy wants a run-first offense, Tony Pollard is very good – and a distinct fantasy option – but he’s never come close to being a true workhorse, and there’s no proven player behind him. Ronald Jones’ two-game suspension doesn’t help.

7. Detroit Lions

Running back Jahmyr Gibbs, the team’s first-round draft pick, is working as a receiver. This is the 1000th time reports have come out of a training camp about a back working as a receiver. In the first 999 cases, when running back, at most, a handful of pictures were ever seen. We get excited about these reports every August and they never matter. Maybe Gibbs will be different because the Lions need some help at receiver, but we’ll see. Gibbs is going to be a great asset for the Lions.

8. New York Jets

The Jets’ meeting with Dalvin Cook is fine, but there is concern about Breece Hall. The Jets tried to get Jamal Williams in March, reportedly wanted to draft Jahmyr Gibbs, and are now involved with Cook. Would any team be doing this if they felt their 2022 star rookie was returning from ACL surgery without any issues? There are also big fantasy expectations for Hall, which adds another reason to keep an eye on the situation.

9. Miami Dolphins NFL Power Ranking

Jalen Ramsey’s injury is tough. He’s reportedly out until December, and buying into the most optimistic end of an injury timeline is never wise. Maybe the Dolphins make it to playoffs and have a fully healthy Ramsey for after the season, but it’s hard to count on that.

10. Baltimore Ravens

J.K. Dobbins is on the PUP list in camp, and it seems like it’s more about his contract status than injury. Head coach John Harbaugh said, “There’s some complexity to Dobbins’ absence, and it’s not hard to understand.” Jonathan Taylor, Saquon Barkley, and Josh Jacobs have all played at an All-Pro level. Dobbins hasn’t come close. This holdout seems odd because he has very little leverage.

11. Seattle Seahawks NFL Power Ranking

The Seahawks are dealing with several back injuries at the start of camp. It should be fine by Week 1, but as a result Geno Smith may face more passing early in the season and it might benefit the Seahawks in the long run.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars

Kelvin Ridley has been standing out at camp. If the Jaguars are getting Ridley that we saw in 2020 when he was one of the best receivers in the NFL for the Falcons, it’s a game-changer for their offense.

13. Los Angeles Chargers

Rashawn Slater’s return as the left tackle is a big boost for the Chargers. He was injured at the end of last season but is healthy in training camp. Slater is one of the best young tackles in the NFL and could help Justin Herbert a lot.

14. Cleveland Browns

Elijah Moore could be a great addition for the Browns. He was an intriguing prospect and his rookie season for the Jets was good. He was frustrated last season and caused a stir, which led to the Jets trading him away. While Moore could have handled the situation more professionally, he could be a very productive receiver in a great offense.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

George Pickens is standing out at training camp, as he did last year. It may be overvalued because of those viral clips, which includes fantasy, but would anyone be surprised if he took a big leap and became the Steelers’ true No. 1 receiver this season?

16. New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara reportedly wants to meet with the commissioner to resolve his potential suspension for a fight in Las Vegas in 2022, rather than any other way. Kamara had to face a serious charge before being cleared of lesser charges. It seems like the team has nothing to do with Kamara’s desire to resolve this issue because it’s now easy to know if games will be missed from the start.

17. Minnesota Vikings

The biggest news for the Vikings last month was Kirk Cousins being the star of Netflix’s “Quarterback” series. It’s hard to root against him after seeing him behind the scenes and all the pain he played through last season. I never understood the Cousins dislike, but it was nice to see his critics exposed to a different side of him.

18. New York Giants

Saquon Barkley accepted a one-year deal with a small incentive amount and reported to camp. This is great for the Giants. It’s also worth thinking about how Barkley (or Jonathan Taylor, Josh Jacobs, or J.K. Dobbins) will react when their team wants them to take it 25 or 30 times in a game. Just because Barkley is in camp doesn’t mean he’s thrilled, and he’s still hoping for a long-term deal next season. It’s fair to think about the mentality of any disgruntled running back.

19. New England Patriots

Will the Patriots sign Ezekiel Elliott? It would make some sense because there isn’t much depth behind Rhamondre Stevenson. But it would be nice to see young and talented Stevenson get most of the workload. Adding Elliott would likely cut into Stevenson’s upside and hurt his fantasy ceiling (he’s currently RB10 in Yahoo drafts). It’s one of many things to watch in August.

20. Green Bay Packers

NFL Power Ranking
NFL Power Ranking

Jaden Reed is a player to watch in August. The rookie second-round draft pick is a versatile receiver and the Packers are still figuring out what his role will be. Looking at the last season’s performance by Christian Watson makes him a frontline player, but it needs to be seen if he can repeat his performance this time. Reed could carve out an immediate role.

21. Indianapolis Colts

Nobody looks good in Jonathan Taylor’s mess. Taylor is being unrealistic and Colts owner Jim Irsay is getting testy. It could have been a happy medium for a player who had become the face of the franchise if both sides hadn’t let their feud get out of control so quickly. Taylor doesn’t have many options, but it doesn’t seem like a situation worth fixing. Taylor being a potential first-round pick in drafts certainly makes it interesting to watch.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It seems like there’s a real quarterback competition among the Buccaneers. Baker Mayfield seems like the favorite and there could be some fantasy appeal too, but there have been positive reports about Kyle Trask. The team isn’t handing Mayfield the job. It’s one of a few true QB competitions to watch in August.

23. Los Angeles Rams

Cooper Kupp left practice on Tuesday with a hamstring injury that could keep him out for some time. It doesn’t seem like his Week 1 status is in jeopardy. Hopefully Kupp won’t have an injury-filled season because that would make the Rams even more invisible.

24. Tennessee Titans

This is the ranking I regret most from my previews (I don’t change order from previews for these power rankings). Mike Vrabel is too good as a head coach for his team to be this bad and the inclusion of DeAndre Hopkins. That move also indicates that the Titans aren’t thinking about being sellers at the trade deadline.

25. Chicago Bears NFL Power Ranking

Everyone will be watching Justin Fields and how he will be developing. The Bears are encouraged by the progress he’s making. Fields can make a big difference to the Chicago Bears if he plays to his full potential.

26. Houston Texans

The Texans are having C.J. Stroud compete with Davis Mills for the starting job, though it should be clear what the team’s decision will be. The good news is that all reports on Stroud have been positive. Davis Miller will be a key player for the Houston Texans in this season.

27. Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray’s return from his ACL surgery is still uncertain. Murray said via the team’s site in late July, “I don’t want to go out there and hurt the team or hurt myself.” “The advice I’ve gotten from a lot of people around me is obviously to go when you’re ready.” The problem for the Cardinals is that if they’re not competitive from the start, there won’t be any point in rushing Murray back.

Our Take On NFL Power Ranking

These are our preseason power rankings for the 2023 NFL season. Keep in mind that these rankings are subject to change as teams make moves and injuries occur.


In conclusion, our NFL Power Ranking provides an in-depth look at each team’s prospects for the upcoming season. From the Arizona Cardinals at #32 to the Kansas City Chiefs at #1, we’ve got you covered with expert analysis and the latest updates on all 32 teams. So if you’re a football fan looking for the latest news and insights on your favorite team, be sure to check out our NFL Power Ranking!

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